Trying to package Marble? We take special care to minimize the number of dependencies Marble needs to be built — it's only Qt. Combined with cmake as build system, compiling Marble should be a breeze. Still there are a lot of options to tweak things as needed. This page attempts to list them.


When configuring Marble with cmake, dependencies are automatically detected and configured. A working compiler and Qt development packages are required; otherwise cmake will abort with an error. If (for whatever reason) you want to deactivate a package that was found, use the WITH_$pkg=OFF switch like shown in the table below.

Dependency Type Description Deactivation
Qt 5 Required the famous cross-platform application framework
KDE Frameworks 5 Optional collection of libraries and software frameworks by KDE extending the Qt framework WITH_KF5=OFF
libshp Optional reading and displaying .shp files WITH_libshp=OFF
libgps Optional position information via gpsd WITH_libgps=OFF
libwlocate Optional Position information based on neighboring WLAN networks WITH_libwlocate=OFF

Build Options

There are other cmake switches than those shown above to control dependencies.

Switch Description Default
BUILD_MARBLE_TESTS Build test cases and test suite OFF
BUILD_MARBLE_TOOLS Build various tools related to Marble OFF
BUILD_MARBLE_EXAMPLES Build C++ examples showing how to use the Marble library OFF
MARBLE_PRI_INSTALL_USE_QT_SYS_PATHS Install the Marble pri file for qmake into the Qt system directories OFF
(if installed to different prefix)