The documentation for the C++ interface of Marble is available at api.kde.org.

API Documentation

Further information can be found in TechBase Wiki pages.

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Tutorials and Examples

The examples directory in Marble's sources has C++ and Qt Quick (QML) examples that give a good idea how to integrate Marble in your project.

All examples and tutorials

A couple of these examples have been converted to TechBase Wiki pages for a more convenient Internet access.

C++ DBus

The KML guide informs about using the Keyhole Markup Language in Marble.

KML Guide


The blog series Marble's Secrets gives an insight how some of Marble's features are implemented.

Keep in mind that the Marble's Secrets series was written in 2008 and hence now contains some outdated information.

Part I Part II Part III

Information about several topics is also stored in Techbase Wiki pages.

TechBase Wiki