We are a vibrant community of map enthusiasts who work to ensure freedom for all people through our software. We are part of KDE and this is our emphasis of the KDE Manifesto:


We want Marble to be your swiss army knife for maps.


Find your way and explore the world!


We seek to create a simple and clean, task-oriented virtual globe and world atlas software for casual users. While feature-rich and flexible, we design it to be easy to use and visually pleasing. We provide a light-weight, easy to embed library for developers that is fast and works cross-platform with minimal hardware and software requirements.

Core Values

We endorse free software, open standards, free maps and free data. Proprietary webservices shall not be a requirement. We prefer solutions that work offline. Everyone is invited to join our community. We participate as mentors in several programs to introduce students to the world of FOSS.