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Welcome to Marble! Contributing to this project will make you part of an international team working on a virtual globe and world atlas. There are many different ways you can help out. We are very open to new people!

You should be aware of our two main communication channels:

Browsing the mailing list archives and hanging around in IRC might be a good idea to get a feeling of current developments. Don't be afraid to raise your voice and ask questions. When working on non-trivial patches and larger features, please make everyone aware of it via the usual communication channels (see above).

Working Areas

Making maps, writing code, creating artwork — there are many different things to work on. Here's a high-level overview. More concrete tasks and things currently being worked on are listed in the Dashboard.


You like to write source code and feel like spending some time improving Marble? Let us know, we're looking forward to help you getting started!

Community Wiki


By providing high quality and up-to-date documentation, you will make a big impact on helping people understand Marble.

Manual Tutorials


Extend existing map themes and contribute new ones: Maps based on OpenStreetMap, educational ones, historic maps, other planets, ...

Community Wiki OpenStreetMap


Help improving and maintaining this website. Please tell us about missing or outdated information — or send a patch even.

Website sources


Marble needs artists! There are many fun things to improve: Oxygen-style icons, map legends, points of interest, the look-and-feel of the route. Or what about a cartoon style map for children?

Community Wiki

Voice Navigation

Become the voice of Marble! Guide people on their journey by contributing localized turn-by-turn navigation phrases.

Community Wiki